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Scott B. Armacost

Scott B. Armacost

Financial Advisor

I got into this business in 1993 after discovering that, in spite of my best intentions, I'd made every financial mistake possible - some more than once just to be sure they were wrong... Through my own ignorance and lack of mentorship, I'd managed to accumulate an "impressive" $400,000 of debt by the time I was 28 years old - oh, and zero savings. Zero.

It was then I decided that enough was enough and began educating myself and seeking out those who were living the lifestyle I wanted:high cash-flow and zero debt. Of course, this took some time, but in the process, I became so energized by what I'd earned, that I dedicated myself to teaching others how to do the same thing. I'm proud to say that over the last two decades, I've helped dozens of individuals and families totally eliminate their debt and get back on the path to financial security and legacy.

Before becoming a licensed personal financial advisor, I served as a United States Naval Surface Warfare Officer for twelve years in our Pacific Fleets. It was during one of those tours, in Yokosuka, Japan, that I met and married my bride of more than 30 years, Miho.

Together, we've raised and home-schooled two wonderful daughters: Samantha (1994) and our Y2K baby, Audrey.  Sammi is an accomplished outdoor adventure guide which was handy when she and I paddled a 17-foot canoe over 2,300 miles down the length of the Mississippi River in 2021.  She lives in Duluth, MN.  Audrey is a pop-singer, originally signed with Sony/RCA but who is now an independent artist living in Los Angeles.

Over my three-score years, I have also developed some marginal talents in public-speaking (Toastmasters), writing, jazz trumpet & bass playing, "fixing stuff," and double-bogey golfing….usually....OK, sometimes........OK, fine: I know someone who plays double-bogey golf...

In any event, I'd love to start a conversation with you if you're looking for personal financial mentorship and guidance!